• Stylized Sunset-Sunrise
  • Carpe Diem Ambigram
  • Stylized Floral Design with Lion
  • Flowers
  • Owl Coverup
  • Grumpy Dwarf
  • Vulture Coverup
  • Great White Shark
  • Jaws
  • Egyptian sleeve
  • Flower coverup
  • Flowers
  • Sacred Heart
  • Horses
  • Sunflower
  • Peacock Feathers and Flowers
  • Panther coverup
  • Great White
  • Sonic the Werehog
  • Fox
  • Secrete of Nimh Owl
  • Sonic the WereHog
  • Little Mermaid
  • Swamp
  • Angel
  • Techno-Color Mermaid

Tattoo Care and Feeding

Refrain from listening to anyone’s advice other than your artists’ (this includes other tattooers. . . ) It’s amazing how soon your friends become ‘experts’ when you show up with fresh ink.

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Greg Harris

Greg was born in Melbourne, FL 1971. He was always interested in art and started his Tattoo apprenticeship in Fayetteville, NC. in 1999. He has served 5 years in the Army as a Marine Mechechic and as a civilain as a Deisel Mechani. Art has always been in his blood, it's ""who he is". His focus is on tattooing larger scale black and grey realism and painting. Prefering to paint portraits, pets and anything ocean related. Greg would like to say Thank you to all his clients for letting him do what he does.

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes just finisheed a 3 year apprenticeship under Rob Figueroa. He has shown a true dedication and loyalty to the craft. Mike finds enjoyment in all aspects of tattoo design, from watercolor to graphic designsand takes special intrest i custom lettering. In his spare time he enjoys painting in acrylics and drawing.

Rob Figueroa

Rob Figueroa, owner of Hallowed Point creates tattoos tailored to the individual. Entering into his 20th year of tattooing Rob would like to express his gratitude and appreciation for all those that have, and continue to, make all this possible. Rob specializes in award winning large scale tattooing, including back pieces, leg and arm sleeves, black and gray and color designs.

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Tattoo Large Pieces

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